You Are Loved

The Cross of Christ

It is by far the greatest news EVER!  Imagine, if you will, being trapped for years and years and unable to find anyway to escape. There is nothing you can do to get out. Think of prisoners of war who were held captive for years behind bars unable to be released until they were liberated by soldiers from their side.

What if, that P.O.W, would say, “No, thanks for all that you have done in making the effort to rescue me but I will prefer to stay here.”  What?  That would be insane!  That would not make any sense!

However, that is what people do everyday when they reject the freedom that Christ came to give us.  They much prefer to stay where they are.  They say things like, “That is okay, if that is what you believe.”  Or, “That is your religion, mine is different.”  Even more absurd, “I am happy with my life, I really don’t need help.”

I have been studying recently the Gospels reading over the events of Christ’s crucifixion and his resurrection.  He has gripped my heart again with his undeserved, immense love.  The Apostle Paul says it so well in Romans, “While we were yet sinners,  Christ died for us.”  Are you kidding me?  Does that not just move your heart! While I lived my life ignorant of his love for me, he thought of me.  He did for me what I could never do for myself.

There are those who deliberately deny God’s existence as fantasy and Christ’s death as being anything more than just a martyr.  There are those who try to achieve all they can get out of life while they ignore what Christ’s death on the cross came to achieve.  There are those who will just plain live, shaking their fist at Christ’s death and God’s love for them, they are just plain angry.  They may do this but what they cannot change is this, Christ died for them! That fact they cannot deny.

The greatest news that you and I can ever hear is that a Rescuer has come to liberate us from ourselves and our sin.  He has come to give us purpose for life and a joy that nothing in this world can give!

Even as believers, there are times when we tend to drift on automatic pilot.  We just do what we have always done because well….we have always done it.  We need to be renewed daily in the love of God for us.  We need to be reminded of the cost of our salvation through the atoning sacrifice of Christ on our behalf. You and I are loved more than we could ever imagine!

Is this not the greatest news you have ever heard?  Don’t let it become yesterday’s headlines, today renew you heart in his love. Read it again like you did the first time the accounts in the Gospels of Jesus love for you! Marvel at it, deeply drink it in!

My friend, YOU ARE LOVED!!

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  1. Mark Langen says:

    A little chorus we used to sing – haven’t heard it for a long time.
    I’m so glad that Jesus lifted me,
    Singing Glory! Hallelujah! Jesus lifted me!
    He is the Way, the Truth and the Light!


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