Christmas’s Greatest Surprise

The birth of Jesus in the manger at Bethlehem was the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s plan of redemption for the human race.  Actually, God had been planning to send His one and only Son into the world on the ultimate rescue mission for all time.  From the moment that Adam and Eve fell into sin by disobeying God, God had a plan.  He was not caught by surprise nor was he unprepared. What is surprising from our human perspective are those to whom God committed his plan.

Think about it, if you were to launch the ultimate plan that would effect the whole world, who would you choose?  There is no doubt in my mind that we would find those who are the movers and shakers of our society. They would be people whose word would carry some amount of weight and believability. But incredibly God chose a teenage girl together with her husband to be, then he chose some uneducated, unsavory Shepherds, then to top that some pagan authorities who looked at the stars for a living. Are you kidding me? Really?

But that should not surprise us about God.  1 Corinthians 1:27-29, “But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; God chose what is low and despised in the world, even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are, so that no human being might boast in the presence of God.” He chooses the least likely candidate to be his spokesperson. He chooses those who are humble enough to recognize their need for a Saviour.

I am blown away when I think that God chooses you and I to be his spokespeople.  He finds us, he fills us, and he empowers us to be his representatives. All the glory and the honour and the praise go directly to the Lord! This Christmas, lets marvel in the absolute grace of God that brought salvation to the most undeserving of people!

Merry Christmas! May God be glorified in your celebration of the birth of the Saviour.


  1. Gail Christian says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. Have a Blessed Christmas.


    1. Bill Finch says:

      God bless you and Jim! Thank you for your comment!


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