365 Opportunities

TimeIncredibly enough, 2013 is about to have its last kick at the can! As I look back on this year, I can see the fingerprints of God all over the calendar.  My wife and I celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss. Through the ministry that God gave us we saw many people come to Christ.  Operation Christmas Child  celebrated 20 years of faithfulness in sharing God’s love to the children of the world. There was our wonderful time as a family in Vancouver.  All of these events had God’s grace underlining each one.

Every day God gives us opportunities to make much of Him.  Some days we respond positively and the evidence of his grace is obvious. Other days, we wonder where He is.  There are days of decision and days of staying the course and being faithful to Him.   But God remains faithful to His children each day.

As you look ahead to the next 365 days what is your plan?  The Apostle Peter encourages us to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). Before us lay 365 opportunities to grow in grace, to grow to be more like Jesus in our interactions with others and with the Lord. 365 opportunities to grow in our relationship with Christ. This knowledge is not only academic  but the practical day by day living out that knowledge. We must always be open to learning more and more.

Let me encourage you to develop a daily devotional plan, if you do not already have one.  There are several online, my favorite is to choose one from YouVersion (https://www.bible.com/).  This tool helps me to keep track of my reading, it even sends me encouraging notes to keep me going. Also, be involved in a small group through your local church. This will help you to grow in relationship with others so you can encourage them and them you. It is a wonderful experience.  Other things you may want to do is finding your niche in serving the Lord using your spiritual gift for his glory.

There is no telling how God will use you in 2014.  You and I do not know all that God may have planned for us during the next 365 days.  What we know is that we can be faithful to Him by being committed to growing to be ALL that he wants us to be! The great thing is that He will be faithful to us as well. Let me encourage you to use each day he has gifted you be a difference maker for His glory.

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  1. Alan Adams says:

    The world may be on tragic downward spiral but, Brother Bill, like those wheels Ezekiel saw, we’re moving ever forward and ever upward. Go get ’em!


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