Step by Step


When I first became in Christian in 1978, I knew very little about the discipline it would require to live the Christian life.  Soon after God invaded my life, I was soon met with challenges in my life that I never had before.  Yes, I was now assured of a home in heaven when I died but I struggled with the reality of the battle between my new nature and the old, cantankerous one that refused to let go.

The Bible College I attended offered help in the form of legalistic rules but the battle was much bigger than the length of my hair.  Famous Canadian preachers would come and tell us what we could do to win but I experienced more defeats than victories.  But God was not going to give up! He continued to bring people into my life who would encourage me to not let the archenemy of our soul have the victory.  I would get so discouraged that I came within a cat’s whisker of giving up.

Looking back I believe that the spiritual growth that I experienced did not come in waves and did not come instantaneously.  It was little by little, day by day.  It was having the God given determination to keep on keeping on. What was it that helped me stay with it?  There are a number of things I could mention. First, God has kept me reading his Word constantly.  Sure there have been days that I missed reading but God kept bringing his Word to my heart and mind.  Second, God brought people into my life who held me accountable.  Through the years I can think of pastors, professors, and friends who stepped in the gap to encourage me to keep on moving ahead.  Third, God was faithful in continually softening my heart to him.  He never let me go, he never abandoned me. He was faithful.

How are you doing today?  Proverbs 24:16 says, “…the righteous falls seven times and rises again.”  Do not allow Satan to keep you down, get up and keep on fighting him and his schemes.  Find accountability partners, look for people who will encourage you to keep seeking the Lord.  If there is sin to confess, do so. If there are habits to break, break them.  Do whatever you need to do in order to be victorious. Paul said in Romans 8:37, “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

Spiritual growth is God’s will for everyone, including you! Keep moving ahead on the path of living your life for His glory.


  1. Mark Langen says:

    God is good. He is loving and caring for and to those who have chosen the path He has laid out. Life is full of pit-falls and traps that Satan invariably puts in our path. Sometimes more, but never anymore than God knows that we can handle. I really enjoy reading your blog. Also looking forward to the study on 1st John. Ruth and I hold you and yours in our prayers. I would ask for prayer as I am attending PTSD Injury Clinic here in Calgary. I was one of those who staunchly believed that I would never experience this malady. I personally know many who have, and now, at age 70, many bad memories are taking their toll. However, with a loving wife and my faith in God, I will persevere and Satan will get his “up & commin’s” in the end!



  2. Alan Adams says:

    It’s good to witness your transparency.  Only as the life of Christ flows through us do we grow and fulfill God’s purpose for us. Alan

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