How to Help Your Pastor

Call me Mr. Obvious but the life of Pastor is full of challenges. Yes, sometimes Pastors are their own worst enemies. Sometimes, they are not as humble as they should be, they overvalue their own importance, they also accept the praise of people instead of deflecting it to the One who has really deserves it.

Most pastors desire and love to serve the people under their care. They live out what God has taught them before the teach it in the pulpit. They are there when their people need them. Above all, they are passionate about helping their congregation grow in the Lord.

What can church members do to encourage their pastors? One of the most encouraging phrases I love to hear from those who are a part of my church is this, “Pastor, we are praying for you.” The spiritual battle that pastors engage in is impossible if others are not engaged in the discipline of prayer (read the story of Moses in Exodus 17 and lift up the arms of your pastor!).

Secondly, work together with the your pastor. Don’t work against him. If you are not sure of something, please talk with him. Too often in life we assume the motives and reasons of another without ever talking with the other person. It seems that in church life everyone considers the other in the wrong without ever engaging in a conversation. Please don’t do that with your pastor. Be a team player!

Finally, be involved in anyway you can in the church. Pastors love to see every position filled! Use the natural and spiritual gifts God has given you to move His cause ahead. Have you read Romans 16? You may have a hard time pronouncing all the names of people who were important to the Apostle Paul, but Paul knew them because they were active in the ministry. They were co-labourers in the work of the gospel. The wonderful part of serving together as pastor and people is that we become close friends as well!

I have found that even though this may be obvious to us, it is missing the obvious that makes this so frustrating. Ask God to give you a heart to pray for your Pastor, share with your pastor and serve with your pastor! He will be blessed, the church will be blessed and you will be too!

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