Take Another Look


Take another look at blogs we have written over that past couple of months. Thank you for reading and please pass it on to others as you feel led! Click on the title of each one to open the blog.

God bless,

Pastor Bill

Leading with Grace

Leading with grace is rare today. I have noticed that whenever there is a rebellion from within the ranks that it usually comes from those who don’t think the leader is doing it right

Trudging Through

My theology professors would want me to point out that it is in the book of Leviticus where people could deal with their sin before a righteous and holy God. God extends his grace as people acknowledged that they had fallen short of His expectations.

The Great Deception

One of the great questions that people often struggle with is that of identity.  It is one of the three that people frequently ask: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?

A Complete Makeover

The great struggle that you and I have as we walk the Christ-life, is that of getting on the same page that God is on.  From the moment that we decide to become life-long followers of Jesus Christ, a royal battle is ensued.

Planning to Win

“No one will ever know…”

“Who says you can’t…”

“You work hard, you deserve this…”

If you are like me, these thoughts go around in my head many, many times during the day.  These are the moments when a giant named “Temptation” comes and secretly whispers in my ear.

One More Time

It is about to happen, again! Every year it happens, time passes by and it seems that the same themes dominate our conversations and our lives. The same problems, the same habits cling to us like the proverbial barnacle on a rock. We can’t seem to break free.

When God Says ‘No’

I don’t know about you, dear friend, but it takes me a long time to learn the lessons God is trying to teach. It is undeniably a fact that I do learn the hard way. I never just sit in God’s classroom as a casual observer and take notes. It is like I don’t pay attention to what He is trying to tell me until I begin to hurt. Usually that ‘hurt’ is emotional in nature and it comes in the form of someone telling me “no!”.

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