Being Christian in the Age of Social Distancing

But…if God’s Word is to be believed and trusted with everything we are and have, then EVEN pandemics have their role.

What is God up to?

We often grow suspicious in our faith because things don’t turn out like we thought they should. Oftentimes it because God has something greater in mind. What we often forget is that God sees the whole picture, we only see a small sliver of the whole thing. He is doing a million things at once, while we are fretting about this one little thing.

A Man Named Tom

Tom* had a goal.   I first met him a few months after beginning my ministry in Chatham, Ontario.  By the time I came on the scene, he had been diagnosed with brain cancer.  The suddenness and the seriousness of that diagnosis led him and his wife to search for answers for the here andContinue reading “A Man Named Tom”


God is not after only a few cosmetic changes like how you part your hair or whether you like chocolate or strawberry ice cream. More importantly,  He changes our fundamental motivation for why we do what we do.  As we adopt his plan and his strategy for life, everything changes.  Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you,” (Matthew 6:33).

If you knew…

They come in all shapes, sizes and intensity.  The innocuous thing about them is that they sneak up on us when we least suspect them like carbon monoxide on the unsuspecting homeowner. Before we realize it, we are left gasping for air as the life is sucked right out of us! King David experienced itContinue reading “If you knew…”