The “In-Between” Time

The In BetweenOne of the hardest places to live is “in between.”  The term suggests uncertainty and I have yet to meet anyone who likes to live at that address!  We like to know when the next pay cheque is coming and who is writing it!  Most of us build our lives around routines that includes when we get up in the morning, it seems that we could drive to work with our eyes closed (not recommending that at all!) because we know the route so well and our jobs have pretty well-defined expectations and demands.

When God in His sovereignty moves us to the “side” for a time, we tend to worry (can I see those hands?). Even though we know very well that He has not abandoned His position as King and Lord of our lives.  He indeed is the same yesterday, today and forever, even when the unexpected happens to us.  I totally realize that is easy for me to write these words because the reality  is very challenging to live in light of who God is and what He has promised in His Word.

I think there are at least 6 things that we need to know and do during these times:

  1. God’s plans are greater than ours – Not only does He know why I am laid aside for a while, He has a purpose for the time in between.  There are things that He could never teach me otherwise.
  2. I must be available and open to what He is teaching me – I know it is easy for me to write, it is another thing to live that. I really do believe it is true. When I am in the routine of work, I can think that my job and my income are dependent on me. It is only when that situation changes that God can teach me.
  3. Be active in the “in-between time”.  A few things you can do are exercise, take time to carefully study God’s Word, pray, met with friends, and offer your services to your local church are among things that would be good for you to do.
  4. Obviously, you will have your eyes open during this time for the next employment opportunity that will suit your talents and interests.
  5. Wait on the Lord, He is the Master Teacher who never wastes an experience in your life, everything has a purpose
  6. Pray and be sensitive to the direction the Lord would have you take as you look for the next thing.

I am convinced that this times, as hard as they may be, are a gift from God to enable us to re-charge our batteries and to re-focus our energies.  I totally understand that there are bills to pay that arrive like clockwork in our mailbox, learn to ask God for His provision to help you meet the obligations you have. Expect it, and look for it.

My hope, during this time, is increasingly in the Lord.  I think that may be one of the reasons He puts us in these situations, so that we can grow in our trust in who He is. We grow to learn His heart of care and provision for us.

Matthew 6:31-33 from the Message translation encourages us, “People who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.”

He absolutely knows what He is doing, my friend, you and I can trust Him today!

For God’s Glory,

Pastor Bill Finch









  1. Another great read Bill. Something to keep in mind even in our busyness.


    1. Bill Finch says:

      God bless, Keith! Thank you for the encouragement. Please share the blog as you have opportunity!


  2. Christine Penny says:

    I needed to read this. Thanks for sharing what God laid on your heart, it ministered to my soul and encouraged me.


    1. Bill Finch says:

      God bless, Christine, glad that God encouraged you today. Please share the blog as you have opportunity! Blessings to the family!


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