The Peace Process

As we move closer to the day of the celebration of the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, the world is in a whole lot of turmoil. Personally, I am finding it difficult to turn on the television news because someone is coming out against this group or that policy, somebody is yelling at someone else! The only peace seems to be to ignore others and do your own thing, but someone will inevitably be against the thing you are doing!Continue reading “The Peace Process”

The “In-Between” Time

The In BetweenOne of the hardest places to live is “in between.”  The term suggests uncertainty and I have yet to meet anyone who likes to live at that address!  We like to know when the next pay cheque is coming and who is writing it!  Most of us build our lives around routines that includes when we get up in the morning, it seems that we could drive to work with our eyes closed (not recommending that at all!) because we know the route so well and our jobs have pretty well-defined expectations and demands.

Continue reading “The “In-Between” Time”

The Paradox of Peace

dove of peaceHow would you define “peace”?   Is peace just the absence of war?  Maybe there is some truth in that statement, but, there are many types of wars we engage in other than the military type we often think of.  No doubt, the images of war that flash across our television screen demonstrate its horror and its cost.  It is terrible and it is horrific.  We often think of the story of the birth of Christ as one of peace. That would work except for the fact that Herod murdered all the male children who were under 2 years old. Continue reading “The Paradox of Peace”