The Identity Crisis in the Pulpit

CrisisinPulpitThe article that I am about to write I could not have written 5 years ago. I believe that I suffered from an identity crisis as a Pastor. What is more, I believe the office of Pastor is suffering from an identity crisis. ¬†Between the power model C.E.O. type who demands allegiance, and the average church member who sits in the pew, the gap is deep and the gap is wide. There are Pastors who use their people to achieve fame among denominational leaders, and Pastors who struggle to gain the respect of the people in the pew.¬†Continue reading “The Identity Crisis in the Pulpit”

The Responsibility of Pastoral Ministry – Part 1

Winter 07-08 094

To serve the people of God as a Pastor is the greatest blessing (other than my wife and family) that I have had in my life! I have been truly blessed by the friendships that have been formed. Not just a little, pretend blessed but a knock your socks off blessed! Over the next few weeks I want to write on ministering to different segments of the congregation.

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