The Secret that is Not

You often here that there is a secret formula for a restaurant item, or a secret to becoming rich and famous! Unfortunately, some who claim to be Christians have reduced success in the Christian life to the same foolishness.

It would seem that some believers may have a special inside track to spiritual success when we look at them from the outside. Here is a news item for you toIn Times Like These's, a secret formula for walking with God and being successful in your profession does not exist!

The Apostle Paul told the Christians at Corinth that to live a life that honoured God five attitudes they needed to develop. The longer I live for Christ, the more I observe that Paul’s pastoral counsel is right on!

Everyday you and I must be on guard because there are enemies that want to destroy our walk with God. We must stand firm in the truth of God’s Word! We must be courageous to live out our faith in the midst of people who love sin. We must maintain our strength in the Lord. Finally, we do all of this marked by and marking others with the same love God has for us!

If we repeat these attitudes everyday, we will be successful in God’s eyes. No secret here, only obedience and trust is required!


  1. Karen Ross says:

    Thanks so much Bill. A needed encouragement and reminder of God’s incredible perfect plan and instruction for us. (me).

    Brian and I hope you and Deb & family had a wonderful celebration of Christ’s resurrection Easter Sunday!

    Karen & Brian



    1. Bill Finch says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Karen! We are well, God is good! I always appreciate your encouragement! God bless you and the former Brier champion!


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