It’s Not Over Yet!

It’s not over yet! There are times in life when we think that we have it all figured out and just then God throw us a curveball that knocks us right off our feet! We are left wondering, “What was that all about?”  Because we are frail creatures who have a limited sense of understanding we want to know all the details all at once! Thankfully, God has not designed life that way! 

You may have found, as I have, that just when we get comfortable God put us in another situation in which our only hope is to trust Him, and Him alone! It could be health, could be a relationship, could be our future, whatever the issue may be, God wants us to see His provision and His presence brought to bear in every issue of our life.  He desires that we  trust Him even when we don’t understand His methodology!  We often forget (sorry to lump you in with my personal struggles!) that we are the finite creatures who have a limited sense of understanding and that He is the sovereign God of the universe who is greatly interested in making us to become more and more like Jesus through the process of faith.

Here is a good verse to think, even meditate, about this week, Philippians 1:6, “and I am sure of this, He who began and good work in you will bring in to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Unlike yours truly, at times, God never leaves a job half-finished! He completes what he starts.  He is so much more interested in your spiritual growth than you yourself are! The biblical characters of Job, Abraham, and Peter come to mind! Think about each of these men and their faith when the began their walk with God and the end of their journey. They experienced radical life transformation!

God wants the same for you and for me. God does have a plan, that plan includes that we trust Him in bringing our faith to maturity in Him. So our part of His plan is that we learn to walk with him everyday even when, at times, it would be easier (in our human way of thinking) to do things a different way.  Therefore, my friend, we must keep praying, keep trusting, keep investing in His Word and in His work! He has a plan, trust Him for whatever that is in your life today!

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