Being Christian in the Age of Social Distancing

But…if God’s Word is to be believed and trusted with everything we are and have, then EVEN pandemics have their role.

Looking for Open Doors

Greetings, My Friend It is my privilege to connect with you. God has me on a journey to encourage His people to grow, be more like Him and to share His message of love to the world. I’ve been a Pastor and Missionary all of my adult life. My wife and I have lived, worshippedContinue reading “Looking for Open Doors”

Spiritual Amnesia

God is so patient with us. He wants us to learn the lesson of trust more than anything else. But we get so impatient! We want what He has to give us without the pain and sacrifice that often times accompanies life.Those lessons are taught to us by God as He teaches us to trust Him.

A Complete Makeover

The great struggle that you and I have as we walk the Christ-life, is that of getting on the same page that God is on.  From the moment that we decide to become life-long followers of Jesus Christ, a royal battle is ensued.  Before that moment, we were quite content to live life for ourselves.Continue reading “A Complete Makeover”

What in the World!

  In recent days there has been a lot of hand wringing among the people of the church.  There is a general feeling that everything is out of control and that the world is careening rapidly down to the hill into the abyss of hell.  The announcement last week of the United States Supreme CourtContinue reading “What in the World!”