The Dire Importance of Reading the Word

I truly believe that reading the Word on a daily basis does a few things in us, to us and for us. First, we develop the habit of reading/meditating on the Word and that is ALWAYS a good thing. Second, over time we develop the discipline of doing so NO MATTER WHAT! So, it doesn’t matter where you are, whether you on vacation, visiting the in-laws, Bible reading takes precedence over EVERYTHING else. Now, the word “discipline” is not a bad word, in fact it is what is required for God’s servants to be “successful” in their walk with him. This means that at times we get up earlier than most in order to get in physical exercise as well as spiritual exercise. 

What I have discovered is that discipline of reading the Bible is worth my time and effort. Now, it is not a magic genie in which all of my temptations magically disappear BUT it does re-orient my thinking into being more sensitive to the presence of the Spirit of God when the temptations do come.  

I realize that those of you with young children face another difficulty.  But I have found over the years that my wife guards that time for me in order to help me grow in Jesus.  As you grow in this discipline, your kids and your wife, will be sensitive to the time you have in reading the Word. 

This discipline also helps me to have a greater appreciation for ALL of God’s Word. As much as it is difficult to read some portions of Chronicles and the genealogies of Genesis, there is much to be gained by the blessing of accomplishment in reading those sections that you may not even know existed beforehand. 

One last thing, (sorry that the preacher in me is coming out in me!) the habit of reading the Word will produce in your life a longing to be like Jesus and a desire to please him in all you do. THAT is worth it all.  

My counsel to you is download the YouVersion Bible app (, once you do look through all the plans that they have there, pick one that fits where you are in your life, and START. I love it because if I fall behind a few days, it reminds me! And I dislike immensely falling behind, it motivates me to keep on keeping on.  You can even find an accountability partner there if you wish. 

Any ways, just a few thoughts for you, friends.  If I can help you further with this, please let me know and I would love to do what I can. 

God bless you in 2021!