Back To Basics

Something just doesn’t add up!

Mathematics was never was one of my strongest subjects in high school. It is embarrassing to say so but…I was in the remedial class.  There I said it, whew, I feel much better for having bared my soul to you! But one thing that I did learn was that if you do this you will get that.  It is the law of cause and effect.  It is black and white, the answer is either right or wrong.

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Jars of Clay

Clay PotsWhen God gets set to do something special among us, he usually does so through by choosing people who would be judged the most unlikely of candidates.  Some would even classify them as frail, needy and broken.  I have been preparing this week to share with our church the vision statement that the elders have been praying about and working on. I have come to the conclusion that God is not looking for experts but rather those who are willing to follow Him completely and totally.  Continue reading “Jars of Clay”

Just Beginning!

I started writing this blog with the goal of sharing what God has been teaching me. There is no “Rocket Scientist” material here only the thoughts of one still journeying with God. Here is a list of the most popular postings that have been published to date.  We are just beginning to develop this writing ministry.  I hope that you have been blessed by it. StarbucksContinue reading “Just Beginning!”

Growing in Grace

YImageou have heard the old saying, “I am praying for patience and I want it now!”  It is so true in many areas of life that what we need to learn only comes as we apply the principle of patience in our lives.  My former professor and pastor often says in regards to people who strive for positions that they are not ready for, “That person has not suffered enough.”  He is saying that we desire that God place us in positions of employment that we have not the maturity nor the experience to handle.Continue reading “Growing in Grace”

Step by Step


When I first became in Christian in 1978, I knew very little about the discipline it would require to live the Christian life.  Soon after God invaded my life, I was soon met with challenges in my life that I never had before.  Yes, I was now assured of a home in heaven when I died but I struggled with the reality of the battle between my new nature and the old, cantankerous one that refused to let go.

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Turning Over a New Leaf


This blog is not about my favourite hockey team, so it is safe to continue reading!  But it is about the “post resolution” making blues.  It is somewhat traditional to make all kinds of promises that this year is going to be different from all the rest we have lived.  We are going to lose weight, start an excersize program that involves a little more than lifting your fork to your mouth, and many other things we could mention.  If you are normal, and I know you are reading my blog because you are normal, your resolution will last to perhaps January 20th before you fall back into your old patterns of living.

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365 Opportunities

TimeIncredibly enough, 2013 is about to have its last kick at the can! As I look back on this year, I can see the fingerprints of God all over the calendar.  My wife and I celebrated 30 years of wedded bliss. Through the ministry that God gave us we saw many people come to Christ.  Operation Christmas Child  celebrated 20 years of faithfulness in sharing God’s love to the children of the world. There was our wonderful time as a family in Vancouver.  All of these events had God’s grace underlining each one. Continue reading “365 Opportunities”